Some People Call Me the Space Cowboy


Those people being my sister, the man went for Zorro. The intended look was 70’s, I like it regardless. You know how much I’m in love with the seventies trend, similarly you know how I love pulling out something long forgotten and giving it a new lease of life. These trousers tick both of those boxes. They were purchased in 2003 and after being firm favourites have languished in the back of the wardrobe for years, managing to survive several wardrobe culls mind you. 

The old adage if you keep something long enough it’ll come back into style is most definitely true. How do you pick those perfect peices that you can rock in you early twenties and early shh thirties? 

Good Quality

The likes of Primark have made us all forget this. It’s so easy to pick up cheap throwaway fashion trends each season. Back in 2003 Primark was just a low quality store and Topshop was about the cheapest place for on trend items. I was a student and being continually skint would treat myself three times a year when my student loan came in, that’s what it’s for right? These Missy Sixty trousers were my treat that spring/summer season. The £100 pricetag has definitely been justified now with their cost per wear.

Simple Style

Trends may come back into fashion every few years but always with some subtle differences. In 2003 I also had some flared jeans with no waistband, those are not coming back. The simple black style of these will last forever. Ok I admit they do show their age with the Christina Aguilera-esque lace up’s, it’s subtle enough to overlook though. 

Flattering Fit

Woman come in all shapes and sizes and our weights can fluctuate from time to time. Don’t be tempted to buy that must have fashion item if it looks awful on your shape. If you buy something that flatters you, you feel great in it and more likely to keep hold of it. These are ridiculously low rise, makes it a bit of nightmare getting out of cars or out of a low seat. It does however flatter my not quite flat tummy as the waistband sits below the little flabby bit. The woven detail down the middle also slims the look of my thighs. Put it simply, they’re magic trousers. 









Trouser – Miss Sixty (old)

Blouse – Primark

Leather Jacket – Very

Hat – H&M 

Clutch – H&M 

Boots – Priviledged

Ring – K by Kakao

Bracelet – Thomas Sabo via Joshua James Jewellery*

Watch – Armani


The Joker – Steve Miller Band



13 thoughts on “Some People Call Me the Space Cowboy

  1. Wow, I love your trousers (I was about to say “pants,” but I think you guys across the pond have a different meaning for that word)! I wish I had a few pieces of clothing that have lasted me as long as yours have–the trousers still look amazing on you!

    1. Lol yeah pants equals panties here, I woulda known what you meant. I have a few pieces that cost a little bit but have lasted, buying quality really makes a difference

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