Happy Xmas (War is Over)

Today I’ve got my top three songs with a purpose, this was actually meant for last Monday but work got in the way. When John Lennon released a Christmas song there had to be a reason behind it. After years of various protests Lennon released this track in 1971, in the main as a protest to the Vietnam war. The song has become a classic. The sad thing is the video could have been made yesterday, seems like the characters have changed but the stories are the same.

Next up, the original Band Aid. The lyrics may be patronising, they may not have spent the money raised well and the new one may be surrounded with controversy (let’s not even get me started on how far down in my estimations Bob Geldof had fallen). This original though came from a good place and brought to the forefront of people minds what was happening in the world. It is the original charity single. It was also number one on the day I was born, so will always be special to me.

Lastly, to take the seriousness down a notch its Rage Against the Machine. I know weird one, but after it took the Christmas No 1 spot in the UK in 2009 it will always be a Christmas song to me. The year the British public said no to the latest money making Simon Cowell X Factor winner. It was the perfect track to make the point, I salute whoever thought up the idea. Oh and the band put on a free concert the following summer to say thanks, you don’t get that from Cowell.

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