This is Where I Want to Be

I know I’ve posted about Kassidy before, but I do love them and they’re amazing. On Saturday night they were playing as part of the Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow grand opening and I managed to get tickets. Roz was lucky enough to come along as my plus one.

Hard Rock Glasgow is everything you would expect, music Memorabilia all over the walls, massive cocktail list and American diner style food. I didn’t sample the last two as I just popped into downstairs before heading upstairs for the gig.

There’s always something a little extra special about a hometown gig and this was no exception. It was a small gig with only a couple of hundred in the crowd, a big difference to how I’ve seen Kassidy before. These guys have no trouble getting a massive audience going and it was amazing to see them in such a intimate atmosphere. The guys played a couple of tracks stripped back to simply guitar, People Like Me was one of them and Chris’ vocals were superb. There was a good mix of tracks from all the EP’s and although my favourite Gambler does the Gambler was missed I was still horse from singing screaming along. There was some good banter like Chris asking for help with the lyrics to Panic Day and the atmosphere for Stray Cat was so electric they came back on and played it again.

I was pretty much front row, no I don’t care if I’m taller than you I love these guys I want to get as close as I can. It meant I could get a few good videos which I’ve shared below, they’re only short as I was desperate to sing a long and jump around. I may have also got hold of the set list, I have previous for this. Only thing missing was a picture with the band, next time eh guys?






The – Traveller – Kassidy

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