All of Me

Those of you who stayed up to watch the Grammys last night may have seen John Legend performing this track live. I have loved John Legend since is first album Get Lifted and instantly love this new one which is simply beautiful.

It’s not been released in the UK yet and I’m not sure if there are plans to, it is massive in Australia. That makes me love it even more now that it brings back memories of Oz.

3 thoughts on “All of Me

  1. Omg im obsessed with this song! Ita literally in my head from how many times ive listened to it. The meaning behind it like how he wrote it for hia wife is just incredible! Now I want a husband so he an write a song about me like this ahah Loove it! Xo

  2. I adore this song. It’s all wrapped up in happy Australia memories for me too. I’ll send you my oz playlist, I’m sure you were hearing all the same tunes as me. Xx

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