A Walk in the Park

  This is my last post from Italy, this means summer is well and truly over. This wonderful little holiday seems like so long ago now, must be time to start planning the next one I think.  On our last day in Rome we had a late flight and so pretty much a whole day to enjoy the city. Our hotel was only a few … Continue reading A Walk in the Park

The Vatican – Part 2

After our disaster first time round, second was a charm. We pre booked the tickets online, this is essential if you don’t want to queue for hours in the baking sun. Along with the tickets we booked an audio tour rather than a guided one, if I’m honest those tour groups are just annoying, stopping everywhere and taking up loads of space.  The museums are … Continue reading The Vatican – Part 2

Sunday’s Getting More Bleak

Our first trip to the Vatican was a massive fail. Not only did we miss the Pope’s blessing, we do like a lie in. But Sunday is not the day to visit the centre of the Catholic Church, everything is closed. Not really surprising. Just as well really as my outfit was not Vatican appropriate either, no uncovered shoulders or shorts people.  We had time … Continue reading Sunday’s Getting More Bleak

When In Rome

On our first day in Rome we decided to jump right in to tourist central and check out the Pantheon and Colosseum. Our hotel was a short stroll, passed the unfortunately still under construction Trevi Fountain, to the Pantheon. The Pantheon is quite simply stunning. The columned entrance is only a start; the opened domed ceiling, ornate detailing and tiled floors are a must see. … Continue reading When In Rome

Roman Holiday

Seems like I was talking complete rubbish on Friday when I said those were the only outfit photos I convinced the man to take. I don’t know how I forgot about the couple of balcony photo shoots we had, the bottles of prosecco I drank most afternoons maybe?  I bought these trousers on a whim in the ASOS winter sale. I loved the colour but … Continue reading Roman Holiday