From that Thrift Shop Down the Road

I’ve mentioned before how I love a little bit of vintage. I’ve always liked having things that are one of a kind or limited edition and vintage is exactly that. With that in mind I was pretty excited when a little email dropped in my inbox inviting me to join in with the Beyond Retro blogger competition. Beyond Retro have an amazing selection of Kimonos, … Continue reading From that Thrift Shop Down the Road

Thift Shop

This is my new favourite song. Heard it on the radio earlier this week and been playing it on You Tube since. It’s by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Macklemore has been around for years, ¬†releasing EP’s and videos online. I have to admit this is the first I’ve heard of him though. Ryan Lewis is his producer.I think they’ve got an old school Eminem and … Continue reading Thift Shop