Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

It’s Christmas Eve, seriously how did that happen? This year seems to have disappeared. I’m normally on my second set of christmas nails by now so I best get at least one set squeezed in before its too late.
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From Now On, Our Troubles Will be Miles Away


There’s not been many posts recently. Life has been getting in the way yet again. My wonderful sister/photographer has not been very well so outfit photos were a none starter. Hopefully get some shots this weekend though. Yesterday saw the end of my last big stress at work for the year and only four days of work left. So more no worries, just time to enjoy ourselves and be merry.  Continue reading “From Now On, Our Troubles Will be Miles Away”

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

That’s me finally sorted. All the presents wrapped, last minute essentials purchased and food already to go in the oven. Even Seb’s ready with his new antlers. I’m feeling particularly excited this year as I’m hosting Christmas dinner. I’m looking forward to having a full table of family and friends, let’s just hope I don’t ruin the food. Hope you all have a lovely christmas! … Continue reading Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas