Drink too Much and That’s an Issue


Hangovers; every time I say I’ll never drink that much again, we all know that’s a lie. When you’re staying in St Andrews the whole nightmare is made easier with the stunning view you wake up to and the option of a wander along the beach. 

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The Vatican – Part 2

After our disaster first time round, second was a charm. We pre booked the tickets online, this is essential if you don’t want to queue for hours in the baking sun. Along with the tickets we booked an audio tour rather than a guided one, if I’m honest those tour groups are just annoying, stopping everywhere and taking up loads of space.  The museums are … Continue reading The Vatican – Part 2

Sunday’s Getting More Bleak

Our first trip to the Vatican was a massive fail. Not only did we miss the Pope’s blessing, we do like a lie in. But Sunday is not the day to visit the centre of the Catholic Church, everything is closed. Not really surprising. Just as well really as my outfit was not Vatican appropriate either, no uncovered shoulders or shorts people.  We had time … Continue reading Sunday’s Getting More Bleak

Aida – Open Air Opera

Our main reason for visiting Verona was to attend the open air opera festival which is held each summer. Verona has a wonderfully intact Roman amphitheater, perfect venue for opera on the balmy summer nights. I’ve wanted to experience this for years and it’s one of my 35 at 35.  They have four different operas each festival. On the night we attended, Aida was showing. … Continue reading Aida – Open Air Opera