If you haven’t noticed electronic pop is having a bit of a moment right now, think Mura Masa, Aluna George et al. Off Bloom are another Danish electro band to add to that list. By coincidence both of the above have worked on Off Blooms debute EP, Love to Hate, out on Saturday. 
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You Dress, You Walk, You Talk

My bloglovin feed has been inundated with street style shots from New York and London Fashion Weeks. The Warner temperature afforded this August seem to has given rise to a little trend of jumpers over skirts. Obviously I jumped on this instantly as the perfect way to transition my wardrobe into autumn. This dress is a favourite of mine largely due to its length, when … Continue reading You Dress, You Walk, You Talk

Should I Stay or Should I Go

You know there’s all those fashion rules; legs or cleavage, don’t wear white after labour day, don’t mix patterns. It seems we’re all breaking them these days so I thought I would too. I’m in love with this little skort from Primark. I’ve recently discovered it has a matching jacket but who wants matching when you have this wonderful vintage tartan scarf to clash with … Continue reading Should I Stay or Should I Go