Here Comes the Sun

It appears we have skipped spring and straight to summer, beginning with a beautiful Easter Sunday. You can tell I wasn’t expecting it hence the knee high boots. I’m not complaining though, the sun has been the only thing brightening a fairly shitty week. My sister and I spent a lovely easter Sunday with my mum and her two crazy poodles. Seb has a bit of a … Continue reading Here Comes the Sun

They’ve been Going in and Out of Style

Military is one of those trends that becomes massive every now and then but is always lurking around somewhere. This jacket is perfect example of that. It reminds me of the Sergeant Pepper jackets, if only it was bright red I’d probably never take it off. Lovely Roz took these photos last night before we headed off the Lush Spring into Skin event. If you … Continue reading They’ve been Going in and Out of Style