Bikini Body Ready? – Ripped in 30 Results

No. 35 of my 35 at 35 list is a simple one but perhaps the biggest, being comfortable with my body. I think this is something that most women struggle with, particularly at this time of year when temperatures are rising and bikini season is upon us. It’s impossible to escape the message thrust upon us by the media as to what our bikini body … Continue reading Bikini Body Ready? – Ripped in 30 Results

7 Days

This week had been mostly about exercise. I started Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack. Every muscle in my body was sore for the first few days, I’m glad to say I seem to have passed that stage and can now walk and sit down like a normal person. Along with that I’ve been back out running with Roz and even managed a run on … Continue reading 7 Days