Dedicated Follower of Fashion

  When I was a kid I always wanted to be a Fashion Designer, well after I grew out of wanting to be a caterpillar – long story. Unfortunately I had neither the artistic flare or imagination and my career took a very different path. I still like to live the dream every now and then by whipping up something up on my sewing machine … Continue reading Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Chouchou 4th Birthday Celebrations

You may have heard me gushing about the divine Chouchou hoods before, I’m in love with them. A little bit of Italian style, in the form of Silvia Pellegrino, has turned the practical hood into a must have fashion accessory. Chouchou celebrated her fourth birthday last week with a lovely little birthday bash at Veldt and took the opportunity to showcase the new S/S14 collection. … Continue reading Chouchou 4th Birthday Celebrations

Dedicated Follower of Fashion

I’m very excited to learn that some of my favourite Scottish designers are being featured in House of Fraser in the run up to Christmas. Can you imagine nestled there right beside your go to high street and designer stores you can now pick up some Rebecca Torres, Joanne McGillivray and Saunt & Sinner. The ‘House of Fraser presents’ series features each designer in a … Continue reading Dedicated Follower of Fashion

You’re from the 70’s but I’m a 90’s bitch

What an exciting week it’s been for my little blog. I’ve had more views than ever and my bloglovin followers have really grown! I hope all you new people are enjoying reading my ramblings, if you are let me, or even if your not, I get so excited when my phone pings with a new notification. I’ve also got two exciting new projects coming up. … Continue reading You’re from the 70’s but I’m a 90’s bitch

Come Up and See Me, Make Me Smile

Last week I popped along to a shopping event at Hummingbird. The event, Keep Calm and Go Shopping, certainly sounded like my kinda thing featuring collections from vintage clothing brands and handmade jewellery and accessory collections. I do like having something a bit different. The brands were spread over the first and second floor of the bar. I made a beeline for the vintage clothing, … Continue reading Come Up and See Me, Make Me Smile