Step Into Christmas

I have to say I’m feeling a little smug this year when it comes to Christmas. Not only did I have all my presents purchased with over a week to spare, but I had most of them wrapped as well. That’s pretty good going if you ask me.
I did have to wrap said presents in two sittings though as it seems sitting on the floor is now akin to doing some kind of exercise. It’s crazy how much a bump gets in the way. I must buy one of those giant bouncing balls to sit on, though clearly that wouldn’t have helped with the wrapping situation.

This last week or so I seem to have become a proper pregnant person. I keep catching sight of myself in the mirror and getting a shock. I even thought my oversized shirt was still disguising my bump a bit till I saw these shots. It seems the last of my non- pregnancy wardrobe is on the way out. Just as well I picked up these fab faux leather jeans from next maternity to see me through to the festive sales.





Jeans – Next

Shirt – ASOS

Coat – Missguided

Boots – Primark

Step Into Christmas – Elton John

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