Orange is the new Black

So the temperatures have dropped considerably in the last week. It’s no longer viable to pop out in my uniform of stretchy dress, bare legs and boots. Jeans and oversized jumpers may be the new way forward.
This jumper I picked up from Thankfifi at the Glasgow blogger shop last week. I was pleasantly surprised that it fitted, oversized indeed. It was the colour that attracted me, as flattering as black is I just can’t resist something colourful. With a piece this bright it’s best to keep everything else simple, from the natural wood watch to my new favourite maternity jeggings. Yes you read that right, jeggings. Not something I thought I’d ever say but when your body changes everyday day the stretch in jeggings can’t be beaten. Will try to tear myself away from them come March 2018 I promise.

As it gets darker and colder outside I plan to try and summon some warmth from this orange, particularly as it may be the only jumper that fits soon.

Jumper – H&M via Thankfifi

Jeans – New Look Maternity

Boots – Primark

Watch – Kochiba

Bag – Accessorize

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