A Perfect Storm


With winter well and truly upon us it was time for some darker nails to match the darker nights and freezing temperatures. It’s been a while since I went for a ombre effect and I thought it would be perfect style for this new ‘chameleon’ nail colour.

The ombre is a really easy technique. Always pick a light colour for the bottom half of the nail, it saves a lot of mess, and paint the entire nail in that lighter colour. The ombre is created with a small sponge, the foundation varieties are best and you can normally get them in the Pound Shop. Simply paint a line of the lighter colour on the sponge with a line of the darker top colour directly above it. By dabbing the sponge on the nails the effect is created. You can see full tutorial here. I told you super easy.

These colours created a perfect stormy look with the hints of green and purple in the lower colour. A few folk thought they were my Halloween themed design, clearly don’t know me well as I not that subtle with my nail art. Now to decided on some Christmas themes, I foresee lots of red, green and white.





Dark Horse – Katy Perry

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