A Little Space, Just on my Own


Isn’t it lovely to just take a little time out of all the busyness of life and relax. The Burrell Collection in Glasgow is a stunning art collection, housed in an amazing building, nestled in a beautiful country park. The building is a mix of old and new and filled with natural light, can you think of a better place. 

I spent hours in here as a child, not entirely appreciating the artefacts I must say, more running around with my siblings.    I was again with my sister, but this time we strolled around taking in the beauty. A little cool and quiet    space to end a hot and hectic week. 

These culottes are back from last summer, seriously culottes are the way forward when tying to keep cool in the heat. Are they still in? Like that’s gonna stop me rocking them anyway. 







Top – ASOS

Culottes – ASOS

Heels – Primark

Watch – New Look


A Little Time – The Beautiful South

7 thoughts on “A Little Space, Just on my Own

  1. Hey there! Even I don’t care whether culottes are gone or still rocking in the fashion industry, I love them coz they are way too fashion forward and roomy! So, I literally wear them twice a week and whenever I am going out! It has become my favourite weekend staple as well!

    Love your style! Love how u wore your culottes with short stripe top and yellow shoe! ❤ u look great!
    I really like this beautiful location as well!

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