Like Momma Used to Make


An outfit post, at long last! January has been busy busy busy and the weather has been a little bit crazy. I’m so disappointed I missed out on a snowy photoshoot, hey maybe there’ll be another chance, fingers crossed.

This jumper has got me through the cold temperatures since Christmas. Can you believe my Mum knitted it for me? Clearly where I get any creative talent. Fair Isle is so perfect for the winter too. I like having something original and being handmade this is one of a kind.

Sunday is upon us, I have a million things to do but I fancy just lying on the sofa all day catching up on my shows. My friend Jenna introduced me to Project Runway, how I have missed this up until now I don’t know. I wish my homemade fashion looked that good, time to up my game for that 35 at 35 dress I think.






Jumper – Home made

Jeans – Gap

Heels – Kurt Geiger

Handbag – River Island

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