Hillarys Crafternoon


My DIY posts have been seriously lacking of late. When Hillarys invited me along to their crafternoon it didn’t take long for me to reply. I didn’t realise that Hillarys were so crafty, but with every new line of fabrics they have a little craft event, explore what else can be made rather than just blinds. 

The lovely Ladies from The Crafty Hen were on hand with the inspiration. First up we made this adorable little book cover. It’s really simple, just fold in the top and bottom, then the sides and sew a few stitches in the corners to hold in place. We were left to our own devices on the decorations, I opted for a triple button fastener with ribbon tie. I have to admit I’m pretty chuffed with my efforts. I think these could make nice little personalised gifts. 

After stuffing our faces with The Butterfly and Pig’s delicious cakes it was time for our next creation. This little bird was pretty simple too, though a little more fidgety than the cover. You simply sew the two pieces together, turn right way up, stuff and sew the bottom edge. Lining up the tummy with the body is a bit awkward though and you need to take a little care. I was gutted as my fabric started to fray at the edge of the tummy, I think I managed to save it though. 

As always it was lovely meeting my fellow bloggers, especially Boldly Gold, Jamie Johnston and Noble Nurishment who were at my little table. I’ve found another thing I’d love to do for my imaginary hen do, yes you can hire The Crafty Hen girls for your own event, perfect for the afternoon when the mother in law is there. 










13 thoughts on “Hillarys Crafternoon

  1. You look lovely and what a fabulous idea, I love doing craft pieces but think I need to be more patient, you on the other hand are diy savvy so its perfect for you 😉 xx

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