The Girl on the Train


Something a little bit different today but if you follow me on Instagram or facebook you may have noticed I have been slightly obsessed with this book recently. I was given it by a friend who read it in two days. I didn’t quite mange that but did devour it in a week.

It’s written in diary entries, the go to style of writing just now it seems, in the main from Rachel a girl who has a daily commute into London. Rachel watches the houses and people she passes on the train recreating their lives in her mind. From the start it’s clear Rachel has her own story and its teased out carefully throughout the novel.

As the story develops there are inserts from other characters adding to the story. This is a style I’ve always liked, whether it be in a Barbara Trapido novel or thriller like this. I like to see a story from different perspectives and knit it all together. I particularly like trying to solve the twist which I managed to here but not too early on, sign of a good story.

The book is billed as the next Gone Girl and I’ve already read a couple of reviews saying it doesn’t hit the mark. Although I agree this type of thriller is becoming overused, this book is a great example of it. I actually preferred it to Gone Girl, which I found pretty slow and ended as though the author got bored of the story (perhaps the only example I can think of where the movie is better than the book). Apparently the movie rights to this have already been sold so I can compare.

Anyone read this yet? What did you think?



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