Before You Know It Your Frozen


Frozen indeed, I think we hit a high of 1degree on Sunday when we shot these photos. I may have been wrapped up in coat and faux fur but it didn’t take long for my fingers and toes to go numb. Seb had a ball playing in the frost though, ok maybe we both did.

Short post today as I’m still feeling a little rough from my birthday party. Two day hangover? Is this what I’ve to to expect now I’m thirty or just the sign of a really good night? All the details to come and you can help me decide.







Coat – Debenhams* ON SALE
Faux Fur Collar – Christmas Market
Stripe top – Primark
Skirt – H&M
Tights – Marks & Spencer
Boots – Topshop
Clutch – Joy

Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis

11 thoughts on “Before You Know It Your Frozen

  1. Oh God, a two day hangover, it’s been a long, long time, so so horrendous but you look good on it! Can’t wait to see the pics, enjoy your new decade.

  2. Gorgeous photos! Seb is so handsome! 🙂 I love that coat, it’s a beautiful colour on you & the faux fur looks perfect for the frosty weather. I still say a 2 day hangover = a great night! 😉

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