Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I love this little tee, I’ve have had it for years but I hardly wear it these days. I picked it up in a Urban Outfitters when I was at uni. Perhaps I’m not as bold as I used to be, or maybe I’m just more relaxed and don’t need the controversy, because although it’s just a fun tee it can still bring a few looks in Glasgow. Crazy right?

I spied this little red police box at the bottom of Sauchiehall Street. I swear it’s new although it looks period. I’m pretty sure I woulda noticed a bright red box in the middle of the street before. I was drawn to it for the colour, not for any need of protection given my comments above lol.

I was feeling pretty silly, it was Friday and I had eaten a massive pick & mix. So we tried to get some silly jumping photos, man alive they are hard to get right though. Any tips?





Tee – Urban Outfitters
Shorts – Monsoon
Jacket – Primark
Flats – Primark
Bangle – Brown Thomas



Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

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