We Are Your Friends

They say your school days are the best of you life, they’re lying. Is this true for anyone? Children can be really bloody cruel if you don’t quite fit in and mine were probably the worst days of my life.

After school, if you want, you get to go uni though. Now uni days, they are pretty awesome. At uni you can be whoever you want to be and on the whole no one cares. I made my first proper group of friends, I studied subjects I actually liked, I moved out of my parents, I had a series of awful jobs, I stayed up all night quite regularly and I had some of the best experiences of my life and I grew up.

Yesterday I went along to an alumni day at my uni. It was really weird going back there after, eh hem 8 years. I learned a lot there and I don’t just mean in lectures, but my life has changed so much it was strange going back. It made me feel all nostalgic for those days when life was a little bit more carefree. I also started to think about all the stupid things I did back then but somehow I didn’t regret them. Life has worked out pretty well so maybe we don’t need to worry and everything does work out in the end.

Jumper – ASOS
Culottes – Boohoo
Heels – ASOS
Bag – Accessorize
Necklace – Ebay
Bangle – Gift

We Are Your Friends – Justice v Simian

5 thoughts on “We Are Your Friends

  1. I totally agree, I don’t know where they get the school days/best days thing from – Uni is heaps better! I finish next year and I’ll really miss being a student. Gorgeous outfit, I love the skirt 🙂 X

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