The Walls Came Crumbling Down

Bank Holiday weekend and it’s sunny, who could believe it! What else to do but head out with my boys for a walk and even a bit of history. We took a mini road trip to The Falkirk Wheel. We quickly headed up to the Antonine Wall walk, an excitable Labrador and bank holiday crowds aren’t the best combination. The Antonine Wall is one of those built by the Romans, probably to hide from us savage Celts. 

Where we joined the walk there is the site of a Roman fort. The Fort and Wall are no longer standing of course, the ditch in front if the wall and foundations of the Fort can still be seen though. It was interesting wandering around the site and reading the history of it. Seb had a ball exploring a new place and even getting to play in the stream. 

Does this outfit still count as Sports Luxe when the trainers are two years old rather than brand new Nike Free’s? Well, I hope it does as the man asked if we were going to play tennis when he saw it, so I’m there on sports feel regardless of the trainers. He is right, as much as it pains me to admit it, even the double stripes and bright yellow tee don’t distract from it. 


Tee – Polo Ralph Lauren

Shorts – Zara 

Jumper (round waist) – ASOS

Bangle – Gift

Bag – Forever 21



Pompeii – Bastille


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