Shake Your Tail Feather

Don’t get too excited, yes I have a steady hand but not that steady to paint such an intricate design as this.

These are courtesy of OPI pure lacquer nail apps my mum got me for Christmas. I didn’t realise until I took them out that these are made from actual nail varnish, not transfers or stickers. They come a sealed packaging and warn you to put them on right away or they’ll dry out.

They’re pretty fidgety to get on, they are effectively almost dry nail varnish. I found it easiest to half peel them from the backing and then use the backing to line them up straight. As they are nail varnish you don’t need to cut them but just push them over the edge of your nail and file the rest off.


They claim they are a base coat, varnish and top coat in one, simply stick them on and go. I’m not so sure so added a shellac top coat, I’ll let you know how long they last.


Shake Your Tail Feather – Tina Turner

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