Working as a Waitress in a Cocktail Bar

I kicked of the festive party season with a little girls night in last weekend. I was offered a cocktail night in my own home, or a friends in my case, from Social and Cocktail, how could I say no?

I love these guys they bring a bar, lots of booze and everything they could need to make a selection of yummy cocktails. You may have seen my excited instagrams on the night.

We had such a laugh with our bar tender Evan, banter and alcohol are a good combination. He is great bar tender too mixing up some truely delicious cocktails.

We had the classic French martini to start with and moved on the Brazilian caipirinha. Caiprinha’s are basically cachaca a Brazilian spirit, sugar and soda, they’re strong but good.

We had four cocktails each, with a raspberry mojito and raspberry ripple finishing things off. I’m not a massive fan of mojito’s but really enjoyed this non traditional one. Similarly I’m not a massive fan of creamy cocktails but the raspberry ripple tasted like angle delight, do you guys remember that? And I enjoyed licking the sprinkles off the glass.



Evan mixed up a couple of yummy non alcoholic cocktails for my sober friend Emma. I got an extra little raspberry daiquiri as host, my new fav cocktail!


It was a brilliant night and worth noting the place was spotless when the guys left. Professional cocktails and no cleaning up, what else could you want in a party.

Don’t you want me Baby – Human League

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