Joy to the World

This year I’m planning on joining in with Skin and Blister’s #ShareAdvent. She has provided a prompt for each day in the run up to Christmas Day. You can join in by blogging, tweeting or instagraming.

Today’s prompt is Joy to the World, a classic Christmas carol. It doesn’t really seem fitting today though following the tragedy in Glasgow this weekend. I’m sure you will have all heard by now about the helicopter crash which has killed 9 people and seriously injured 14.

I was shocked as I’m sure everyone was when I heard the news on Friday evening. It is like a scene from a movie not something that happens in my home city. It struck me even more given I pass that pub on a regular basis when travelling to work. I can’t begin to imagine how those directly effected by this are feeling.

But just when things seems senseless and hopeless, there are gestures that remind us of the courage and selflessness of human nature. Reports of people running to the scene rather than away from it to help, a ‘human chain’ carrying people from the building to safety and Glasgow TOA taxis offering to take families and friends to hospital free of charge to visit those injured. Glasgow is living up to its reputation of being not only strong but protective and kind.

So we may not be celebrating but there is still cause to take pride in the strength of human spirit. How very fitting at this time if year.


Joy to the World

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