Love More, Worry Less

Bipolar Sunshine is Manchester based Adio Marchant. You may know him as the former front man of Kid British or for his collaboration with Rudimental, Distance. He has already generate quite a bit of excitement with his his debut EP ‘Aesthetics’ and has shown he is a versatile writer with a string of varied tracks.

His new EP ‘Drowning butterfly’s’ is out on the 11th November and features this track.

Love More, Worry Less manages to have a feel good feeling despite the sombre subject matter. The lyrics ‘call me if you need someone to lean on’ restore the belief there is still good in the world. It cheered me up when I heard it last week. I’d had a hard week and the onset of the dark winter weather was bringing me down more. The smooth vocals and simple melody building to a repeat of the title is simply gorgeous and most definitely put a smile on my face.


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