Seven Days



After a quiet week on my return from holiday, this week has been pretty busy. I best get used to it as I hardly have a weekend free between now and Christmas.

Last week was the hen do for one of my closest friends. A whole day affair filled with girly activities and masquerade ball themed, hence the mask. It was a good one off course but did give me a horrific hangover, I think I’m getting old. My top hangover cure is McDonald’s strawberry milkshake, I couldn’t make it all the way to McD’s though so strawberry milk is a top substitute.

On Thursday I attended the Bold Souls catwalk show. I’ll fill you in fully this week but thought I’d give you a sneak peak if my fav from the show, the Chouchou hoods.

I’m afraid to say winter is now well and turkey here. Wellies are required for walking Seb and the onsie had it’s first outing this winter. As much as I love layering up my winter wardrobe, I do wish it wasn’t so bloody windy and rainy in Glasgow, still crisp days I long for.

It wouldn’t be a roundup of my week without a picture of the main man. This was him last night, a good hour he spent licking this container and then proceeded to play with it for just as long. Who needs fancy dog food and toys eh?

Seven Days – Craig David

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