On the Cover of a Magazine

This months Vogue’s heralds the start of Autumn and showcases some top trends for next season. Tartan, you ready know is set to be my favourite. How I wish I could afford this Stella McCartney pastel number. Another top trend is pastels; not one I thought if go for until I saw this Balenciaga leather jacket.

I couldn’t find a pastel tartan jumper that didn’t have a monster price tag. I did find this cute grey tweed one from Zara though.

Zara – £35.99

Leather jackets are everywhere, there’s a fair few coloured ones floating around too. You don’t really get a leather jacket cheaply though so I found this faux leather one at only £42 on dress-for-less.

Hope you all have a great weekend, I’ve had a rubbish week so roll on 5pm!

Vogue – Madonna

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