Wanna do Whatever Common People do

I did say I may have the occasional rant and today is my first one. On Thursday I was away for work and incredibly bored in the hotel in my own. Facebook and twitter were my saviour and I quickly realised lots of people were talking about Katie Hopkins.

I remember this woman from her spell on the apprentice, she annoyed me then but then they all do don’t they? I hadn’t realised how completely vile and offensive this woman is though. On Thursday she appeared on This Morning to discuss children’s names. She happily explained how she judged children for their names, yes judged children based on their names, and wouldn’t allow her children’s to play with a Tyler or Charmaine. These ‘common names’ obviously mean the child will be badly behaved, not do their homework and generally be a bad influence for her children. Both Holly and Phil appeared appalled as was the other guest. I have never heard such bigoted comments directed towards children in my life.

Ms Hopkins surpassed herself though by listing the names she judges and including those which are placenames. Her own daughter is called India, she didn’t seem to see the irony or even plain stupidity arising from this.

A quick google search revealed this is not the first time this woman has appeared on this morning with such narrowminded opinions. Apparently you can’t be plus sized and happy, your simply kidding yourself on. You also will never get a job as employers don’t want to hire overweight people as they are lazy. The one I find most annoying personally, you won’t be a high achiever if you have tattoos. These are something for people who ‘haven’t managed to find a way in their lives through convention means’, lovely Katie. I don’t talk about work on here but let me say this, I am an associate in a law firm, I am proud of what I have achieved and can’t describe it as anything other than conventional. I also have 2, soon to be 3, tattoos.

The thing I find most concerning here is this woman says she travells the country talking to students. Who on earth thinks this is a good idea? I personally wouldn’t want such a snobbish narrow minded person speaking to my children. I do love that Holly lost her cool with Katie Hopkins on Thursday and told her to shut up but I do wonder why she continues to be on this show. Yes it’s good to have debate, but I really don’t think we should be giving this woman a platform to spout such intolerance, where did they even find her, 1950?

Common People – Pulp

Ps. Just had a look at her twitter feed, I am struggling for words. It’s like it’s written by a snobby offensive 13year old.

3 thoughts on “Wanna do Whatever Common People do

  1. she makes me rage. her website is even worse than her twitter, spelling, grammar are appalling. content childish & offensive. i didn’t know she’s said that about tattoos & being plus sized. since i am both i will clearly never amount to anything.

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