The Wolves Act I & II

Bon Iver is one of my favourite singer/songwriters. If you have never heard of him, shame on you. If you’ve only heard the Birdie version of ‘Skinny Love’, I urge you to get on you tube or spotify and listen to the original.

Following the breakup band of DeYarmond Edison, Justin Vernon holed himself up in a remote cabin in Wisconsin. After three months he emerged with a debut album and new name, Bon Iver, a misspelling of the French for good winter. The story of its creation is as lovely as the album itself.

This is his song of the moment, featured in a few blockbusters, including The Place Beyond the Pines, with the gorgeous Mr Cooper. I’m not eloquent enough to describe his beautiful music, so I won’t even try. Just listen and enjoy.

3 thoughts on “The Wolves Act I & II

  1. Another Bon Iver fanatic! Do you ever get the feeling some music was written especially for you, and you alone? I get that with him, it’s like he knows me and I know him, his music touches me so deeply.

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