Compliment Your Soul

Dan Croll is a British singer-songwriter, originally from Newcastle-upon-Lyme but attended the famous, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. While there he won the national Songwriter of the Year award and was one of 8 picked to have a 1-2-1 with Sir Paul McCartney himself.

He creates folk melodies mixed with a bit of electronic and the result is beautifully chilled upbeat music. He describes them as ‘acoustic and digital’. He has a real mix of songs with some leaning more to the softer acoustic side and others to the electronic. From Nowhere, the single which received fairly decent amount of air play at the end of last year, builds slowly from synth beats to catchy guitar rifts at the chorus.

This song I love as it mixes in some African beats and give the song some real rhythm. The song itself feels upbeat although is it about a relationship coming to an end. The remix by The Very Best is top notch too. No album as yet but you can get some single on iTunes and you can find good few tunes on his soundcloud profile, dancrollmusic.

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